Optional TrafficVision Hardware

TrafficVision TMC can run as Software as a Service on your existing infrastructure. If you need to develop or add to your existing infrastructure, we offer optional TrafficVision hardware components, shipped with TrafficVision software preinstalled. 

Included Software

Incident Detection:  Can be configured to detect Wrong-way traffic, Stopped vehicles, Large Debris, pedestrians and speed drops.*

Data Collection:  Volume, Speed (MPH & KPH), Occupancy and Flow Rate*

Traffic Scope:  Multiple lanes, both directions*

Classification:  Passenger vehicle, small truck, tractor-trailer, motorcycle*

Detection Conditions:  24-hour operation in all weather conditions**

Web Service Data:  Live data/alerts (json) and archive data (csv)

Streaming video protocols:  UDP, HTTP, RTP, RTSP, MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, H.264

*Accuracy depends on camera placement, field of view, frame rate

**Data Classification may not be available without some ambient light


Analysis of video streams coming to a traffic management center or data center

Designed for permanent installation in your traffic management center, on your hardware or vm infrastructure, TMC Saas accepts digital video feeds from existing cameras, transforming them into intelligent sensors capable of detecting a wide range of incidents and collecting data in real time either in an On-Premesis Software As A Service.

Display:  Not included (15-pin VGA connector supports 1024 x 768 screen resolution)

Dimensions/Form Factor:  3.42 H x 17.53 W x 26.17 D inches / 867 x 4452 x 6646 mm; 2U network rack with ReadyRails sliding rails

Networking:  2 Gb/s Ethernet ports

TMC Remote

TMC Remote Unit

TMC Remote Unit

In-office and temporary roadside analysis

Can run 24x7 in enclosed spaces. TMC Remote includes all the functionality of the TMC, plus 3G/4G cellular, with the convenience of an integrated 14-inch, high definition, impact-resistant LED display, designed for outdoor viewing. Housed within a rugged metal casing, this model has been tested to U.S Military Std 810G and Euro Standard IP5X.

Military-grade specifications (MIL-STD 810G / IP5X)

Display:  14-inch (1366 x 768) HD, outdoor viewable, impact-resistant LED display

Dimensions/Form Factor:  2.6 H x 15.30 W x 12.1 D inches (67 x 389 x 308 mm)

Networking:  1 Gb/s Ethernet and WIFI

TMC Edge

TMC Edge Unit

TMC Edge Unit

Long-term in-cabinet installation for video processing from the field
TMC Edge is designed for long-term in-cabinet roadside installation. The rugged, compact and fanless design allows for easy deployment in demanding temperature conditions. Able to analyze up to 4 video streams at once, this unit is ideal for pushing data analytics to your network edge.

Display:  Not included (15-pin VGA connector and DVI/HDMI ports)

Dimensions/Form Factor:  2.99 H x 9.45 W x 8.9 D inches (76 x 240 x 225 mm)

Networking:  4 Gb/s Ethernet ports