Imagine Efficiency, Safety, and Data Collection Improvements

Imagine that you can easily access and compile useful information from hundreds of your cameras on the road, regardless of camera model or age.  Imagine a clean, scalable analytics platform which is easily integrated into your regular operations while supporting all your cameras.  Imagine a concise, effective tool to advance your current infrastructure to a higher level while reducing strain on valuable human resources.

TrafficVision Ties it Together

TrafficVision software provides the ideal intelligence layer by analyzing video streams.  We add a layer of intelligence to each camera on the road, turning it into a proactive sensor. Our software allows your cameras to seamlessly send alerts for incidents while allowing engineers to collect valuable traffic data in real-time from any computer with Internet access, addressing immediate and long-term traffic information needs.

TrafficVisionTMC integrates painlessly with your existing architecture, using current ITS infrastructure to coordinate information from overwhelming numbers of cameras. We facilitate reduced incident response times and deployment costs for data collection, resulting in enhanced safety for motorists and increased effectiveness of your ITS program.