Intelligence on platforms to fit your needs

TrafficVision software running on our custom appliances or deployed on your infrastructure can be tailored to your video network, meeting the needs of a variety of situations. TrafficVision provides the most flexibility, and video is the most verifiable of all data collection systems. Video analysis can be conducted on live or recorded video with almost any kind of camera and can be manually verified.

Video coming to a TMC or TOC

Highway and freeway management agencies typically use TrafficVisionTMC appliances to gather useful data from the overwhelming numbers of cameras on the road.  Designed for turn-key operation as a rack-standard design, users only have to feed the digital network video streams into the appliance(s),  enabling fully expandable, high-volume processing for any number of cameras—whether existing or newly deployed—across your transportation network.

Collecting traffic data for temporary or permanent remote locations

For temporary roadside deployments or  in-office recorded video processing, the compact TraffcVisionTMC-Remote delivers all the functionality of TrafficVision in a mil-spec laptop form factor with optional support for 3G/4G network communications. This innovative unit enables truly remote incident detection and data collection.

For permanent in-field video analytics, the TrafficVisionTMC-Edge is designed for long-term roadside deployments. This innovative, fanless appliance is designed for exceptional durability, vibration resistance and operating temperatures from -30° to 70°.  

TrafficVision real-time analtyics can be an excellent way to collect data from temporary camera locations, or from permanent locations without having to send the video back to an office.  

Research purposes

TrafficVision strongly supports University and other research programs.  Contact us to find out if our products or services can help with your research needs.