Intelligence for Video

TrafficVision software turns any traffic monitoring camera into an intelligent sensor. Specifically built for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), this software can:

  • Immediately detect incidents
  • Collect real-time traffic data

by monitoring your digital video streams on your local network.  With no need to replace your existing video assets you will be able to make proactive decisions based on immediate incident alerts that are visually verifiable and have more information about what is happening on your highways, bridges and tunnels.

TrafficVision leverages your new and existing video assets helping you increase the effectiveness of your ITS investment. By reducing the impact of incidents and recurring congestion on your highways, TrafficVision helps provide safer and more efficient travel for the public.  


TrafficVision immediately detects a traffic incident and sends notification to a Traffic Management Center


Proactive Traffic Management

If your operations center houses dozens or hundreds of video feeds and you rely on manual surveillance, TrafficVision is a value-added tool to help lighten the load of your operations staff.  TrafficVision can proactively alert them based on custom rules they set for the roads they are monitoring.  Alerts can be integrated seamlessly into an existing Advanced Traffic Management Software (ATMS) or other monitoring system. These can dramatically reduce the effect of incidents on traffic and improve overall safety.