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TrafficVision Technology On Display At Upcoming Conference

Our traffic detection and monitoring products will be up and runnning on the the exhibit floor of a key convention for the transportation industry. Please be sure to stop by and visit the TrafficVision team.

Texas ITS November 11-13

Join TrafficVision at the Texas ITS Annual Meeting at the Omni Hotel in Houston, TX. The TrafficVision team will be exhibiting at this exciting event. Stop by to see how TrafficVision's accurate and cost-effective traffic monitoring solutions can turn your existing cameras into intelligent sensors.

TrafficVision is pioneering
a new generation
of traffic monitoring technology. Our video-based data collection and incident detection solutions are setting new standards in accuracy under the most non-intrusive installation and operation conditions available.


As its name implies, the TrafficVision TMC is designed to advance the operations of your Traffic Management Center. Its turn-key, rack-standard design enables fully expandable, high-volume processing for any number of cameras—whether existing or newly deployed—across your transportation network.

Each camera you connect to a TMC is transformed into an intelligent sensor capable of detecting a comprehensive array of real-time incident and alert conditions. Information is presented and managed in a web-based user interface and captured for database storage, analysis and reporting.

TMC Remote

For temporary roadside deployment or recorded video analysis, the compact TMC Remote delivers all the functionality of a standard TMC in a rugged laptop, with one more powerful feature: support for 3G/4G Cellular communication. This enables truly remote (isolated from network connectivity) incident detection and data collection.

TMC Edge

Push your TMC perimeter to the Edge in our sturdiest housing for long-term roadside deployment. Include the complete functionality of a standard TMC in this innovative, fanless appliance, designed for exceptional durability, vibration resistance and operating temperatures from -30° to 70° C.

Why Video-Based Data Collection and Incident Detection?

  • Non-intrusive sensing, ensuring no physical traffic disruption
  • Low maintenance
  • High level of accuracy
  • Long-term cost savings

Why Choose TrafficVision?


  • Technology based on decades of research
  • Designed to enhance ITS safety and traffic monitoring standards

Smarter Algorithms

  • Based on vehicle tracking rather than traditional virtual detection; minimal occlusion, spillover and data errors
  • Easy camera setup in just six mouse clicks
  • Auto-recalibration for PTZ cameras

Designed for Existing Traffic Cameras

  • Works with PTZ and fixed cameras
  • Analog and IP encoding compatible
  • Wide range of camera heights (25-80 feet)

Flexible Design and Architecture

  • In-office or roadside deployment options
  • Open architecture through HTTP interface
  • Fully-integrated web-based user interface
  • Simple design is intuitive and easy to use

Accurate and Reliable Data

  • Verified accuracy, extensively tested
  • 24/7 traffic monitoring

Software Capabilities

  • Real-Time Data Collection
    • Speed
    • Counts
    • Lane occupancy
    • Levels of service
    • Classification
  • Incident Detection
    • Stopped vehicle
    • Slowed traffic
    • Pedestrian
    • Wrong-way vehicle
    • Debris
  • Multiple lane monitoring
  • Easy data exporting for report generation

Our People

TrafficVision is a team of bright and talented professionals whose collective work derives from decades of academic research and development in the fields of vision detection technology, transportation infrastructure analysis and software programming.

Our Company

Our parent company, Omnibond, experienced in merging synergies from the academic, open source, and business communities, is investing in the development, testing and marketing of our latest vision detection products.

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