Traffic Intelligence from Video

Patented Algorithms for Real Time Detection

TrafficVision software turns any traffic monitoring camera into an intelligent sensor. Specifically built for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), TrafficVision monitors digitally encoded video streams of traffic cameras on highways to immediately detect incidents and continuously collect real-time traffic data.

Using existing camera infrastructure, TrafficVision helps traffic managers make proactive decisions based on immediate incident alerts that are visually verifiable, providing more information about what is happening on highways, bridges and tunnels.

TrafficVision helps organizations get more use out of their ITS investment, leveraging both existing and new video assets. By providing the information needed to reduce the impact of incidents and recurring congestion on highways, TrafficVision helps traffic managers provide safer and more efficient travel for the public.  

TrafficVision provides immediate visual indication of a stopped vehicle resulting from a collision.
TrafficVision traffic management software automatically recalibrates video input when traffic cameras are moved.

Proactive Traffic Management

TrafficVision is a value-added tool to help lighten the load of operations staff performing manual surveillance, whether an operations center houses dozens or hundreds of video feeds.  TrafficVision can proactively alert operations staff based on alert criteria they set for the roads they are monitoring.  Alerts can be integrated seamlessly into an existing Advanced Traffic Management Software (ATMS) or other monitoring system. These can dramatically reduce the effect of incidents on traffic and improve overall safety.

TrafficVision algorithms detect a vehicle entering an exit ramp from the wrong direction. TrafficVision software sends immediate incident alerts to traffic management center personnel.

TrafficVision Applications

Daily Incident and Congestion Management

TrafficVision is designed to automate highway traffic monitoring for Departments of Transportation and Traffic Management Centers. Adding TrafficVision software analytics to your existing traffic management program offers significant benefits:

  • Improves incident detection and response times

  • Turns your existing cameras into highway sensors that notify you of incidents while collecting data 24/7

  • Improves efficiency of manual processes by operations staff

  • Deploys latest features and improvements immediately, with no need to deal directly with cameras

  • Provides traffic industry-specific analytics, as compared to security-industry algorithms not designed for changing light conditions and constant panning, tilting, and zooming

TrafficVision is specifically designed for operations centers housing dozens to hundreds of video feeds, where  manual surveillance or reactionary protocol are standard approaches to dealing with roadway problems.  TrafficVision helps improve operations and roadway safety with consistent, valid traffic data.

Special Events and Other Applications

TrafficVision works in standard traffic monitoring situations. It is also valuable in special cases, including:

  • Monitoring for incidents or collecting data during special events

  • Construction zones

  • Problem areas requiring quantified data points such as wrong way drivers, stopped vehicles, volume increases/decreases, or frequent slow downs

Cameras can collect traffic data for temporary or permanent locations, using existing cameras, or mounting new ones.  Contact us about your use case, and we will advise the best deployment based on your needs and available resources.

Learn how the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) used temporary cameras to help them plan the 2015 Pan American Games.  MTO now has over 20,000 hours of traffic data around Toronto where they previously had none.

TrafficVision advanced analytics automatically classify vehicles as motorcycle, passenger vehicle, truck and large truck.

TrafficVision Configuration and Communication

Simple Installation

TrafficVision was built for easy installation and integration, with no need to retro-fit or replace existing cameras.  If existing cameras use a standard digital encoding, their video feeds can be analyzed over the network. Alerts and data generated by the software are presented directly to operations staff in the TrafficVision User Interface or through an ATMS.  

TrafficVision software can operate on numerous hardware platforms to best fit organizational needs: Cloud, COTS Servers or hardened equipment in the field, or virtual machines.

TrafficVision’s browser-based application permits anyone designated by traffic managers to access and configure analytics from anywhere with network access. There is no need to load extra software or clients onto work stations.  


Customize Incident Alerts

TrafficVision’s highly customizable alert functionality allows traffic managers to decide what qualifies as a significant incident for each camera. They can create custom rules so that just the events they specify as important will trigger alerts.  They can set the sensitivity of different thresholds for each individual camera by the day of the week and different times of day.

Traffic managers can also adjust the sensitivity and notification of the following alerts:

  • Wrong-way vehicle

  • Stopped vehicle/debris in roadway is stationary for more than the specified threshold

  • Vehicle congestion if lane occupancy exceeds the specified percentage

  • Pedestrian in road

  • Slow speeds if below the specified threshold for specified duration of seconds

Optional Hardware or Cloud Deployments

Contact TrafficVision for questions about hardware requirements to run TrafficVision software in your environment. Including Hardware options or Cloud Options including Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS).